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We-Fi Projects

Business Resilience Assistance for Value-Adding Enterprises for Women (BRAVE) Nigeria

Improving Sustainability of Women Pepper Farmers in McCormick’s Supply Chain in Vietnam

Promoting a Transformative Gender Equality Agenda in Asia and the Pacific

Advisory Services to Structure Gender Bonds and Provide FIs with Support to Reach More WSMEs

Women of the Steppe – Technical Cooperation Program for Capacity Building of Participating Financial Institutions (PFI)

Women Accelerating Vibrant Enterprises in Southeast Asia and the Pacific (WAVES)

Zambia: Supporting WSMEs’ Access to Finance and Capacity Building

Collecting Data on WSMEs in the Tourism Sector

Pakistan: Integrating WSMEs into the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Union Bank: Increasing Lending to WSMEs

Yoma Bank: Expanding Access to Finance for WSMEs

Malayan Insurance: Women Insurance Program

Building a Pipeline of Women Entrepreneurs in Ethiopia’s Digital Sector

Improving Women’s Access to Mentoring Opportunities

Expanding Insurance Access to Women-led Businesses

Expanding Insurance Coverage for Women in Cameroon

Expanding Business Development Services and an Enabling Environment for Women Entrepreneurs in Honduras

Women of the Steppe – EBRD Women in Business Loan

Senegal: Connecting Public Procurement Demand with WSMEs

A Global Entrepreneurship Database of Women Business Owners

Women, Business and the Law in We-Fi Countries

Diversifying Textile Supply Chains in Honduras

WeXchange: Unleashing the Growth Potential of Women STEMpreneurs

Helping Scale Pakistani High-Growth Women Entrepreneurs

Investing in Women-led Startups in Tunisia

Promoting Financial Inclusion for Vietnamese Women Entrepreneurs

Boosting Funding for Women-Owned Tech Startups

Creating Market Opportunities for Women Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh

Increasing WSMEs access to markets and finance in Mozambique

Creating an Enabling Business Environment for Women Entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka

Empowering BRAVE Women in Yemen