The Challenge

Women entrepreneurs have limited knowledge about how to protect their assets through insurance services. Women-led SMEs, which tend to be smaller and operate in the informal sector, remain particularly vulnerable to business risks, which have the potential to spill over into their personal lives, impacting their employees and their families. As the number of Filipina women who are businesswomen grows, there is a greater need for insurance providers to help them protect their hard-earned assets.

Joining Forces

We-Fi and IFC, in partnership with the Malayan Insurance Company Inc. (MICO), have developed We Women, a program specifically designed for the Filipina client in the insurance market. The program provides tailored coverage, product bundling, and customized add-on services that address women’s personal and business needs.


The advisory program is expected to lead to an increase in access to dedicated insurance solutions that cover personal and business demands for women-led SMEs.

The program is additionally expected to demonstrate the viability of the women segment to other players in the market, thereby increasing insurance opportunities for WSMEs and contributing to market inclusiveness.

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