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Documenting Stories of Resilience

A storytelling partnership between We-Fi and the Thomson Reuters Foundation

In 2023, We-Fi teamed up with Thomson Reuters Foundation, the corporate foundation of Thomson Reuters, in an effort to highlight and amplify stories of women entrepreneurs in developing countries, and to show their resilience within communities impacted by climate change.  

Philippines’ women seaweed farmers keep coastal families afloat

Seaweed farming in the Philippines, increasingly led by women, is a lifeline to poor coastal families often hit by disasters. But can seaweed farming survive climate change?

Meet the women pioneers creating green jobs in Arab countries

Only one in five women in Arab countries has a job, but a few pioneers are defying the odds by launching companies to fight climate impacts.

Ghana’s businesswomen need easier credit to survive and thrive

Women entrepreneurs run most small businesses in Ghana, but need better access to credit and training to survive the economic crisis and expand.

She-Suite: African women lead the way in global boardrooms

Africa has the world’s highest female representation in corporate boardrooms but barriers still hold women back.

How can India’s women-led startups beat the gender funding gap?

Women-led companies get a tiny share of venture capital and bank funding in India, but a clutch of new initiatives aims for change.

Migrant Venezuelan women in Colombia chase business dreams

Migrant women from Venezuela struggling to escape poverty and discrimination in the jobs market turn to their own small businesses.

Women-led startups help family farmers feed Latin America

From Brazil to Ecuador’s Amazon, women entrepreneurs are working to boost small-scale and organic farming as fears grow of a global food crisis.

Pakistan women fight gender norms to build online health business

From sexist investor questions to missing late-night meetings, Pakistani businesswomen are fighting an uphill battle to break into the health tech industry.

Move over ‘tech bros’: Women entrepreneurs join Africa’s fintech boom

Female ‘techpreneurs’ are taking their place in Africa’s male-dominated fintech boom, but gender bias makes it harder for them to access finance and grow their businesses

Arab women entrepreneurs defy odds with leap into sportswear

Businesswomen from Saudi Arabia to Lebanon are launching their own activewear brands, facing down gender taboos and economic challenges during the pandemic.

COVID and war push Yemen’s businesswomen to smash taboos

Braving air strikes and internet outages, Yemeni women are launching businesses to fight the pandemic.