Five Steps for Implementing the WE Finance Code in a Country

The Code is a global framework that is designed to be adapted to local contexts through national programs. This gives countries flexibility in how they adopt and implement the Code. All countries, led by a coalition of national champions, are encouraged to bring a range of FSPs on board and create incentives for collaboration and change across the domestic financial system. 

While elements of the Code can differ from country to country, the following standards are upheld in every country piloting the Code: 

  • publicly made commitmento roll out the WE Finance Code nationally, adapting it to the local context while retaining key minimum guidelines​

  • Governance through a national coalition that oversees local adoption of the Code and ensures accountability ​

  • Designated coordinator to oversee local Code implementation and interface with and report to the global Code​

  • A mechanism to aggregate data with integrity and in a format that will facilitate mainstreaming over time and can be reported globally