The Code’s minimum indicators and actions are expected to be reported annually for five years, but the ultimate goal is for data collection and use to be mainstreamed across the financial sector to drive increased financing for WMSMEs. 

The National Coordinator is encouraged to prepare annual progress reports for the WE Finance Code in their country. These reports should emphasize advancements made within the Code, offering country-specific insights into signatories and the current state of WMSME finance within the country. Every June for five years, the National Coordinator is expected to provide inputs covering the previous calendar year to the Code’s global progress reports. 

We-Fi, the Code’s Global Coordinator, is responsible for preparing global annual reports on the progress of the Code. This includes an inception report and annual progress reports for five years. A Global Inception Report will be issued in Spring 2025 and the first Global Annual Report will be issued in Spring 2026. The Global Inception Report will have anecdotal data on the core indicators and summarize the initial activities of pilot countries, signatories, and their commitments. Thereafter, the Code’s annual report will summarize global and national progress against the Code’s core indicators and action commitments, highlighting good practices, innovations and challenges. 

To enable the preparation of the Code’s reports, the following inputs are necessary from each country in line with the following schedule:

  • Annual reporting on actions: The National Coordinator is responsible for establishing an annual process to track signatories’ progress on each of their action commitments. For example, as the Global Coordinator, We-Fi annually circulates an electronic survey to global participants of the Code so they can report on progress toward achieving their action commitments. National programs may replicate the survey or (potentially) use the survey mechanism to collect their own data. The survey is explicit about what can and cannot be publicly disclosed.
  • Annual reporting on core indicators: The National Aggregator establishes a process to share data annually with OECD, the Code’s Global Aggregator. As much as possible, this includes aggregate core indicators for each signatory to the Code. Overall country numbers are also useful, if available, as they likely include FSPs that are not signatories to the Code. 

We-Fi, consolidates the data reported through different channels and compiles the findings into the global inception and progress reports. Signatories to profile good practices.