National Champions issue a public statement of intent to launch the Code. The timing and nature of this statement can differ by country. Not all elements of the design and data collection mechanism need to be in place when the statement is issued, but the framework and action plan for implementation should be clear, as well as a contact point for the National Coalition.

Sample country statement of intent

“[Champions or coalition partner names] is/are committed to advancing access to finance and identifying innovative solutions to mobilize capital for women-led micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (WMSMEs). We endorse the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Code (“WE Finance Code” or “Code”), a global multi-stakeholder data-driven approach to systematically expand how women-led businesses are supported and financed. ​

We intend to champion the launch of a Code in [country] to align and catalyze action and incentives across the financial sector ecosystem to support women entrepreneurs. A national coalition of public and private stakeholders will work together to adopt the Code, engaging financial service providers, regulators, standard-setting bodies, financial sector infrastructure organizations and trade associations and other ecosystem players.   ​

We look forward to collaborating with other countries and stakeholders to align our approach with the Code’s global framework and ensure its effective governance, coordination and aggregation mechanisms.”

To join the global network of the WE Finance Code, National Champions also need to fill out a country pilot data sheet  with some basic information about the national program to launch the Code.