Champions should start building the case for adopting the WE Finance Code in the country by articulating high level goals and impact the Code could help achieve in terms of incremental revenues for FSPs and value addition to the economy. The goals should be grounded in the business case for investing in women-led MSMEs and the constraints they face and link to complementary financial inclusion initiatives.  The business case should highlight how Signatories will benefit from the Code’s unifying power to align efforts, create reinforcing incentives, and maximize the impact of their efforts to increase financing for WMSMEs. The Code’s pitchbook can be adapted to make the Case for the Code. 

Joining the Code’s global network offers additional benefits to help participants realize their Code commitments and celebrate them: 

  • Access research, knowledge, and data on financial inclusion and women’s entrepreneurship
  • Be recognized for their commitment to promoting access to finance for WMSMEs
  • Participate in peer learning forums
  • Access the Code’s global network across the financial ecosystem
  • Use the Code’s implementation toolkit
  • Engage in global or regional events with FSPs, policymakers, and other ecosystem players