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Odonchimeg started out in the furniture industry as an importer. In post-Soviet Mongolia, imported products were seen as higher quality compared to those domestically produced. Odonchimeg had the ambition to learn from producers in European countries to begin her own production in Mongolia and raise the bar for domestically produced furniture. However, the Covid pandemic reduced her sales and forced Odonchimeg to place restrictions on their production facilities. Odonchimeg sought last resort help from the EBRD’s Women in Business programme funded by We-Fi. Through the programme, she was matched with local consultant, who helped her company Ganbros to audit its existing operational systems and to implement appropriate long-term strategic planning and financial management. Odonchimeg was able to revive her operations and receive advice for expansion to gain a standing in more competitive international markets. Following the support programme, Ganbros exceeded its sales target and is looking to expand into new markets in 2023.

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