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During the pandemic, the We-Fi World Bank project in the MENA region initiated a partnership with the international shipper UPS and the International Trade Center (ITC) to help WSMEs access new markets through e-commerce. In 2020, UPS launched online learning modules to increase WSMEs’ appetite for e-commerce. Hajer Aissi, founder of Art Artisanat in Tunisia, recognized the training as an opportunity to tap into international markets. She received guidance on creating an online store and learned about different platforms and how to use them to reach customers and learn their preferences.

In 2021, the project collaborated with ITC on recruiting local e-commerce specialists to provide WSMEs one-on-one coaching. A total of 68 specialists were trained, and 27 WSMEs were able to expand their businesses through e-commerce. To strengthen the enabling environment for e-commerce and streamline export procedures, We-Fi continues to work with government agencies, like customs authorities and Ministries of Trade, to promote regulatory reforms on e-commerce payments.

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