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On February 9, 2020, the film Parasite won Best Pictures at the 92nd Academy Awards – marking the first time in history a non-English film won Hollywood’s top prize. Behind the success of the film was executive producer Miky Lee – vice chair of CJ Group, and a Leadership Champion for We-Fi, nominated by the government of the Republic of Korea.

In 2021, a year after Parasite‘s historic Oscar win and amidst an unprecedented pandemic, Miky spoke with Maggie Lake, former business anchor for CNN International and reflected on her experience as both a business leader and a woman executive producer in a male-dominated industry. “My dream is that women can be recognized for who they are and what they do—by their ability first, and not by their gender”, says Miky Lee.

Watch the full interview below—which will be part of WEChampion, a video series that feature We-Fi’s Leadership Champions from around the globe – and their voices of inspiration for women entrepreneurs.