The next WE Talks is in collaboration with Data2X

Research and Data on the Economic Impact of COVID-19 on Women-led SMEs


When (tentative): Tuesday, June 30, 2020 | 09:00-10:15AM EDT / 1:00-2:15PM GMT
Where: WebEx Webinar

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More and more research-based articles refer to the devastating impact of the coronavirus crisis on small businesses around the world.  Previous pandemics have taught us that the crisis is likely to disproportionately impact women and girls, as they are generally subjected to more economic and socially vulnerable situations. Women entrepreneurs are also more at risk as they often own smaller businesses that operate in service and trade sectors which are directly hit by social distancing measures and typically in lower margin industries that are susceptible to demand disruptions.  Women entrepreneurs also shoulder more of the care of the elderly and children at home than their male counterparts.

This WE Talks session will focus on new data that provide new insights into the effect of COVID-19 on women-led SMEs in developing economies. Armed with new data, can gender-related risks be better assessed, and will more targeted tools be developed by governments and development organizations to ensure that women-led SMEs can survive this crisis?


On June 30th, We-Fi and Data2X are joining forces to showcase new available research and data from surveys focusing on the gender lens to this pandemic. This webinar is intended for representatives of multilateral and donor organizations, private sector, NGOs, and development finance institutions and provides concrete insights about solutions for women during this time of crisis.


Host & Co-Moderator:

Wendy Teleki, Head of the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative (We-Fi) Secretariat, World Bank Group


Stephanie Oula, Women’s Financial Inclusion Data Partnership Manager


Petronella Tizora, Gender Specialist
FinMark Trust (COVID-19 Tracker)


Elizabeth Vazquez, President, CEO, and Co-Founder
WEConnect International