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In 2020, as part of the Women of the Steppe program funded by We-Fi, EBRD helped assess how the tax policy and business registration practices in Tajikistan could better respond to the needs of women entrepreneurs. Taxation plays a key role in the growth of entrepreneurship. Aligning tax policy to the specific needs for entrepreneurs, particularly women, can have a positive return on the economy and society.

EBRD’s support led to the passage of revised rules for the Taxation of Individual Entrepreneurs, which now grants tax incentives for women entrepreneurs on maternity leave. It also allows home-based entrepreneurs to register their businesses with tax authorities for free and receive a patent tax exemption. These reforms are encouraging women entrepreneurs to legalize their businesses and access other business growth opportunities, such as loans and grants.

EBRD is also helping to review a draft law and providing advice on adding gender-responsive regulatory impact assessments of regulations, programs, and policies, as well as gender-based indicators and gender disaggregated target groups in all sectoral development programs.