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Danièle Henkel, President, Danièle Henkel Inc. (Canada)

Danièle Henkel is a caring and capable businesswoman that managed to position her personal and entrepreneurial brand in Quebec. Her eponymous brands have helped pave the way to well-being and position “beauty in truth” as a new social norm in the business world.

Danièle Henkel is a genuine person of influence who lends her voice to many causes that are dear to her. She focuses, among other things, on molding a stronger and outward-looking Quebec. A strong advocate for the promotion of women entrepreneurship in Quebec, she does not hesitate to finance, support, mentor and invest in businesses in which she believes in, as demonstrated during her five seasons on Quebec’s “Dans l’oeil du Dragon”.

In hopes of a solid and well-trained succession — on human and economic levels — Danièle Henkel capitalizes on education. In addition to establishing her own medical cosmetic academy, she shares her knowledge by giving impactful conferences at home and abroad, notably in Europe and Africa.

Daniele Henkel is a woman who transforms every challenge into professional and personal achievements. Resettlement, immigration, emancipation, her best-selling autobiography, has empowered several generations of proud and strong women. A mother of four and a family woman, Daniele Henkel manages her companies with the help of her children. While life has not always been easy for the intuitive entrepreneur, her obsession to create a softer, more caring world remains.

In 2018, Daniele Henkel received the Medal of Honor of the Quebec National Assembly. She was named Knight of the National Order of Merit of the French Government last year.